One Of The Most Useful Skill Sets For A Fulfilling Life

Abed Ahmed is sure that learning how to speak properly is all about developing great oratory and conversational skills that boost your personal and professional image. You can master the art of conversation and say goodbye to those Ummmms, Errrrrs and long pauses while you speak to your friends, family and work colleagues on the phone or face to face. You’ll be surprised what a big difference improved speaking skills can make in your life!

Don’t talk too fast

One of the most common mistakes we all make is to speak too fast. Whether it is out of excitement or out of habit, speaking fast can not only make it a challenge for the listener to understand but also make people interrupt you. Speaking fast can also be considered a sign of nervousness. So one of the first things you need to remember on this journey to develop excellent speaking skills is to speak slowly at a pace which is easy to understand and you are able to speak each word clearly.

Don’t speak too softly

Have you noticed that some of the best orators and conversationalists have the ability to literally throw their voice at you? That’s because they don’t speak too softly. Speaking softly may be perceived as not being confident, being an introvert, or simply being nervous. Speaking firmly and in a loud voice lays a strong foundation to how your listeners are going to perceive you as a person. Carry a loud and firm voice but don’t make it too obvious else people will think that you are shouting instead of speaking.

Think before you speak – Prepare if necessary

“Speaking faster than you can think” is not a sentence that comes out of self help books but from the daily practices of many of us. Have you noticed how your boss or manager at work seldom says things that they regret saying later? That’s because they keep their brains one step ahead of their tongues and not vice versa. People who develop this important skill are often tagged as “Switched On” because they are fully aware of what they speak and are in full control of their tongues. The thought of actively managing to think before you speak may seem minuscule to worry about, but once you make a deliberate effort to do so, you will realize how ridiculous it was not to!

Listen to good orators

A passive way to improve speaking skills is to listen to good orators and actively taking tips by thinking about different things.

Listening to good orators whether they are giving a public speech, engaging in a debate or simply engaging in conversations will allow you to introspect and relate to elements of your own conversational skill to theirs. They way they talk can be a good reference point that lays an anchor in your mind about the way to speak properly.

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