This Couple Travel In Style

A glamorous social networking couple have asked for assistance from the public to finance their trip around Africa.

Cat and Elena have requested the public to cover their trip that will see them ride a tandem bike from Germany to Africa.

It is not known if they are currently working to cover their trip themselves

The pair said:

‘The funds we raise will go towards the bike and equipment, food and lodging (when needed), net and SIM cards in each nation to keep you up to date, insurance, etc.. We are in need of funds now for preparation in addition to during our trip.’

In return, they promised to keep folks up-to-date with their experiences.

‘A celebration of life, as we ride openly across mountains, by the sea and through metropolitans. We’ll demonstrate the beauty of the planet and it’s inhabitants,’  they composed.

The pair, who have already shared photos of these travelling the world, including exotic places like Bali, Nepal, India, Italy, London and Paris, believe that the public should pay towards their latest adventure.

‘We can’t do this on our own. We want you!’ they said.

Their web page has been up eight times but they have only raised a small sum from five individuals.

After creating a post with the petition on the world wide web, Cat and Elena were met with mixed feelings.

‘Someday I hope you understand you will need to create something of yourself rather than rely on others,’  wrote one person.

When asked why they had so much assistance from strangers for their excursion, Cat and Elena stood firm with their petition.

‘The reason we set a certain amount for a objective is since we plan on being out there for quite a long time. A proper bike and equipment is pricey (we will discover the cheapest) and whatever is left will be used consciously… we’re placing our whole life into this. Social media is taking plenty of energy and time in the “real”  world and we do not plan on being here too long,’  they clarified.

Cat posted he will be taking a 30-day break from social media to do some “soul searching,”  although it wasn’t clear if the month long leave was fueled by the reaction from his supporters or if it had been previously planned.

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