It Took Us 1984 Hours To Create This Miniature Town For Hamsters

i would ike to give you our hungry, hungry hamsters.

bit beautiful animals – surviving in a teeny town with handmade teensy details and consuming small food indeed there. The theory would be to use this small town – known as Yumville – the big cause of marketing one of many leading food product businesses, with making their products appear lovely for families as these hamsters do.

So, we created the entire city with 1325 small details during 1984 performing hours. Housed the household of genuine hamsters there making 9 episodes of web show about the beautiful household enthusiastic about tasty meals. I really hope their adorable allure won’t keep anybody’s heart unblemished.

more details:

Bookshop “Eat, study, Love”, where love story of hamster internet based series takes place

Startled Hamster, probably the refrigerator ended up being vacant

Be cautious hamsters to not eat your guard!

Cinema “APOLLO” may be the replica regarding the oldest cinemas in Georgia

Cosy with our hamsters within their beautiful home

Putting your nose where in fact the food is

Life is too brief to allow the dough bake

Shower curtains are for maybe not peeking

Food lights up hamsters flame

They employed an interior fashion designer for this

sweet-corn in nice home

Winter just isn’t coming, it has already appeared

The non-triumphant arch

Hamsters have trouble with taking right out trash, don’t test this at home

Window on wall and monster in the main hallway

Leading girl personality’s bedroom along with her unique treadmill

Munching anyway the places as well as all times

Leading boy personality’s bed room with continuously messy sleep

right here comes the sun

Maybe hamsters should stick with meals versus drawing sticks

Here ended up being in which all of it emerged alive

sincere hamsters, a hand and handmade miniature things!

Posing for photoshoot regarding the film poster

Making of any teensy details

very first event: the main one in which we get acquainted with the family of hamsters

Fourth event: the main one with love misfortunes

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